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The fosterwhuppets have a home offer and with a bit of luck will be going to their new home on Sunday. I hope the new owners are ready for a pair of naughty little dogs - this morning Murphy disappeared inside a bush in which he seemed to believe there might be rabbits, and refused to come out. We had to employ the Ultimate Sanction and pretend to leave. This worked: once he could no longer poke his head out and see us, he soon came haring after us. Hurray!

Alfie whippet can fly

Mollydog likes the whuppets

Alfie whuppet admires the view


Murphy whuppet comes when called (this is not exactly reliable behaviour from Murphy Whuppet, alas)

Alfie whuppet and Az

ETA : Hm, scratch Sunday, transport is proving a problem. We may be whuppeted up for a few weeks yet.


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(Deleted comment)
6th Jan, 2012 20:10 (UTC)
It is beautiful (amazing how 2000-odd years of industrial exploitation can look so fabulous if you let it grow over for 80 years or so!)
5th Jan, 2012 23:35 (UTC)
D'awww @ Mollydog cuddling. Blaze wants to come to your house: she's constantly trying to pursuade Cole and Sky they want to cuddle her and sleep in a pile, but they're both, NO. NO. PERSONAL SPACE.
6th Jan, 2012 20:09 (UTC)
Molls and Az are generally Personal Space dogs too, but the fire is an amazing unifying force...

Though even then, I have been really surprised by how accepting my hounds have been of the whippets. They all got to the 'now we shall dance and snog each other's necks' phase in less than a week, which I think is a record!
7th Jan, 2012 03:03 (UTC)
If one of the girls gets the fire spot in our house, Cole just can't go there. He then has to spend the evening elaborately demonstrating that he is cold, sad and long-suffering in an inferior spot.

They are a little bit too identical, your whuppets, in both name and appearance. Do you get confused, or address them as a gestalt entity called Malfie?
7th Jan, 2012 13:19 (UTC)
The names are terrible! Definite tendency to just randomly call whatever name comes to mind first.

But we do already have two pairs of near-identical cats, so I think we have got used to peering closely. Alfie is longer and thinner and paler, Murphy is darker and stockier.
6th Jan, 2012 08:56 (UTC)
That first picture is stunning...
6th Jan, 2012 20:06 (UTC)
Thanks! Whippets are pretty shapes when they fly.
6th Jan, 2012 19:51 (UTC)
Love the flying Alfie shot & the synchronised snoozing!

The whippet boys may be a handful when they're out in the World of Bunnies, but at least they seem to switch off when they get back in the house...
6th Jan, 2012 20:06 (UTC)
They are total snoozers in the house, it's amazing! I'm sure Az and Molls were never so laid back. And OK, they do race about more than my hounds do, but they still seem entirely happy with the length of walks that my two sedate and rather creaky old hounds can manage.

I was expecting them to be far more trouble! :-D
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