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The fosterwhuppets have a home offer and with a bit of luck will be going to their new home on Sunday. I hope the new owners are ready for a pair of naughty little dogs - this morning Murphy disappeared inside a bush in which he seemed to believe there might be rabbits, and refused to come out. We had to employ the Ultimate Sanction and pretend to leave. This worked: once he could no longer poke his head out and see us, he soon came haring after us. Hurray!

Alfie whippet can fly

Mollydog likes the whuppets

Alfie whuppet admires the view


Murphy whuppet comes when called (this is not exactly reliable behaviour from Murphy Whuppet, alas)

Alfie whuppet and Az

ETA : Hm, scratch Sunday, transport is proving a problem. We may be whuppeted up for a few weeks yet.
Tags: dogs, foster, whippet

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