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I do wish it were possible to exclude screenshots from computer games from image searches.  I'm trying to draw people galloping about on horseback and to do this, I would like actual photos of people on horseback, rather than:
  1. Screenshots from Civilisation
  2. Total War screenshots
  3. Wargaming miniatures
  4. Mount and Blade screenshots
  5. More Civilisation screenshots
  6. Lord of the Rings Online screenshots (not the film, the game)
  7. More bloody Total War screenshots
I wouldn't mind if ANY of these games actually featured realistic looking horses (or people) rather than weirdly deformed Uncanny Valley horses and people with joints in places where no human being has joints.  Maybe the game designers can't actually find any real horses to copy?

 I'm not sure, either, why genuinely attractive photos of real animals tend to get posted at less than 500 pixels across, making it hard to see detail, whereas screenshots from games are posted at 2000 pixels+ across, even though the game screenshots don't have as much detail to be lost in compression. I suspect though that gamers are better at text tagging than horsy people, and post images on busier websites, thus getting a comparitive advantage in search engine terms. 
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