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'Tes unseasonable warm

It's very wet and (particularly compared to the last two years, when ice and snow have grabbed the garden and held on for months) remarkably warm outside.  My garden is quite confused about what is going on.  Loads of things are flowering in a slightly half-hearted baffled kind of way - many of them plants that normally don't flower until June, and some of them that have never quite stopped flowering since the summer.  And things that should be starting to sprout in late December, such as the snowdrops and daffodils, are having a long lie-in, and don't even seem to be trying.  

Here are some photos I took in the garden today:

Periwinkle, Hebe, Campanula

Red rose, pink rose, hydrangeas (the hydrangea bush is covered in everything from skeletal dead flowers to buds)

Quince Japonica in flower, azalea, camella

Quince japonica (last years fruit on the same tree as the pink flower above!) , Hypericum, orange primulas

An umbellifera, but I'm not sure which one - Rough Chervil I think.  Hazel catkins.  Daisies

Red campion, still volunteering heroically, and fuchsia flowers.  I'm not normally a big one for fuchsias, but I like this one, it's so hardy and elegant. 

Edited the next day to add: and in the hedges, not only is there a pile of gorse in bloom, but the brambles are flowering too! What a strange year this is.
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