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Advent of whippets in Advent

I had not intended to take in any further dogs this year. Then I heard that Scruples Whippet Rescue (which is not a rescue for which I usually foster) suddenly had a pair of whippets urgently needing a foster home.   Their owners have emigrated, and they have had a bit of a nightmare time being passed round like a pair of whippety parcels to people who seem to have been a bit clueless about what to expect from a pair of sighthounds (ie, chasing and pulling on lead if they see something chaseable). 

In the absence of anything else to do with them they were being driven at no notice from Portsmouth to Tavistock - which is just down the road from me.   The organiser taking temporary delivery already had 7 foster dogs, three foster puppies and quite a lot of dogs of her own, so I said I would take them. 

They seem a nice little pair of dogs so far.  They are called Murphy (blue brindle and white) and Alfie (brindle and white) -  names that sound far too similar to my mind!

I have set up a big crate for them, since they are only three and a half years old, and I was a bit worried they might be riotous and upset Az and Molls if they slept upstairs.   So far they have chosen to spend pretty much the whole time asleep in it.  If this trend continues they will be the easiest young dogs ever! 

When the whippets arrived, Az lay on his beanbag rolling his eyes and snarling viciously if they came too close.  9 hours later, and Az and Alfie whippet are lying in front of the fire, Alfie's head on Az's flank... Az is really not good at sustaining his grumpy old man act. :-D  

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