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Recovered cat

Yama is feeling much better today and ran about shouting and demanding breakfast.  As I scooped out food, he made a flying leap and tried to grab the tin from my hand.  I think he might be recovered.

As there was quite a lot of the boiled chicken I had got to tempt Yama's appetite left, all the cats and dogs had a bit of it.  Everyone was delighted, apart from Henning (in icon) who decided that I had poisoned his breakfast by applying cooked chicken to it, and sat there sulking hugely while everyone else ate theirs (and then, while his brother Kjetil ate Henning's breakfast as well as his own).

Later on I caught Henning going round all the bowls, furtively eating the leftovers. He is one very odd cat.



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20th Dec, 2011 12:42 (UTC)
Some cats don't like freshly cooked chicken and some don't like fish. Only one of mine has ever liked fresh prawns and she's dead now...
20th Dec, 2011 14:15 (UTC)
My lot eat pretty much anything they can get their greedy paws on, apart from Henning, who despite being the fattest by some way, is picky and only likes cat food. But he's not picky about which cat food, this is the odd thing. As long as the packet has a cat on it, he is happy...

I can't quite work out what is different between shredded chicken that comes in a tin with a cat on the front (which he will eat) and shredded chicken prepared lovingly by me and served fresh out of the pan, which he scorns...

In season, his brother Kjetil seems to mostly live on rabbits and rats. Which are free and I'm sure must be full of... vitamins and things.
20th Dec, 2011 15:51 (UTC)
Since dog food has dogs on the packet and cat food has cats, why doesn't human food have humans on the packet?
20th Dec, 2011 17:01 (UTC)
Glad to hear Yama's feeling so much better.
20th Dec, 2011 18:03 (UTC)
I wonder what would happen if you lovingly boiled some chicken, then secretly put it in an empty tin with a cat on it. My cats were/are easily fooled: if they/she refused/refuse to eat leftover dried food on the grounds that it had/has been sitting out for too long, I just had/have to lift the bowls out of sight, make all the correct "I am serving out fresh dried food!" rattling noises, and put the same bowls back down again.

(Gah. I need to get another cat, since it would make the grammar simpler.)
20th Dec, 2011 19:57 (UTC)
So glad Yama's on the mend.
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