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An unwell animal, and those simply spoilt and petulant.

Yama Bungle went off his food yesterday, and would not eat again this morning.  This is extremely out of character for Yama Bungle, whose normal behaviour is roughly what you might expect of a small, blonde, blue-eyed Velociraptor.  He has been known to launch himself from the ground at a passing plate at  human waist height, and attempt to land on it mouth-first.

Yama has persistent rhinitis and always has a snotty nose, but seemed worse than usual, and he also had a truly epic case of the runs.   So, it was off to vet with philmophlegm for Yama Bungle, for steroid injection, antibiotics and a dose of Bum Firming Goop, after which he managed to muster the energy to eat half a tube of dried-chicken treats.  This is probably a good sign.

I have now cooked a large stew of chicken thighs to tempt the Snotty One's appetite... hurray, he has eaten some!

This week I decided to get some new vetbed for the dogs. (Vetbed is a sort of deep-pile fleece material, originally invented for use in hospitals. It is handy for animals too, being comfy, easy to wash and fast-drying)  I lashed out and bought the super-duper ultra thick vetbed particularly recommended for elderly large breed dogs.

Mollydog made a banana-face at the superduper vet bed (which was on top of her normal duvet, which is on top of a large squishy dog bed). She went and sat on the floor.  Az decided that the vetbed would be greatly improved if he dug at it furiously, causing dark brown tufts to come out and be flung everywhere.    

However, after hours of scowling and disapproval, the hounds finally consented to sit on the new vetbed, and eventually agreed that actually it was really quite tolerable (though, obviously, not as good as the good old Vetbed that you used to get..).

Buoyed by this success, I decided to get Mollydog a new coat.    One thing that everyone tells you about greyhounds is that because they have thin fur and very little body fat, they feel the cold and need to wear coats.   Mollydog disagrees.   She is a nudist greyhound.    Over the years we have negotiated a compromise, however.  The compromise is that Mollydog will wear her thin raincoat if Az is wearing his coat, and if it is really cold.  The definition of really cold is that I am really regretting having forgotten to wear gloves.   Unfortunately, this year I seem to have lost the thin raincoat, and given that Mollydog is now 12, I do feel that she should have some protection from the weather.

So, today Mollydog and I had a girly afternoon out and went clothes shopping. After much trying-on, we found a coat that fit, was lightweight, and went nicely with her collar and her ginger fur.  And while we were there, Mollydog was very tolerant about having coats put on and wandering around in them.

We got home this evening and went out for a walk with Mollydog in The Coat.  We got 10 yards down the road and she decided to do her celebrated impersonation of a greyhound that has been nailed to the ground by all four feet.  She would not walk.  I resolved to wait her out.  She stood there for 10 minutes until her back legs were shaking badly. She still would not walk.  I feared she might actually collapse out of sheer stubbornness.  I gave in.  On the plus side, when I carry The Coat, it makes quite a nice hand-warmer.
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