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Spring gesproinginging

The first squash seedling is up: it is Early Butternut. This is odd, because that's from the same packet where none of the seeds germinated at all last year. It must like being in the propagator. Butternut Sprinter is not far behind, I can see the leaves just starting to unfurl. No sign yet of Mr Spaghetti Square Pajamas, fingers crossed.

The cherry tree has proper blossom for the first time this year: is it too much to hope that it might actually set fruit?

Bizzie Lizzies are blooming!

The rhubarb has taken off: I must make some crumble this weekend.

The peppers I moved into the greenhouse last week have not only survived but are doing well, if growing a little slower now than they were in the propagator.

The hedge at the top of the garden has got far too big and is casting shade over half the garden. I must find out if it's OK with the owner to trim it.
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