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No more Darwin

Darwin died in the car on the way to the vet for a blood test today. He was dead by the time I got him there.

The vet thinks he may have had a tumour which was quite advanced but the additional cortisol in his system as a result of the Cushings syndrome was masking its effects - once we started treating the Cushings, the tumour kicked in. It was at least over quite quickly, and he was so happy here until he got ill that I don't have to worry that it was wrong to try to rehome him. He had a great time here and I'm going to try to remember him bouncing and happy... I'm not normally one for funerals, but I've asked for his ashes and I'm going to take them up where he had such a lovely time chasing a scent and led me over a wall.

He was only here for a few weeks, but he was a lovely dog with a lot of character and I shall miss him.



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10th Dec, 2011 13:26 (UTC)
I'm very sorry to read this. Still, he had a good last few weeks on a new adventure.

ETA: I'd not taken in that first paragraph. That must be a shock, and I'm glad that you will be able to place his ashes somewhere he loved.

Edited at 2011-12-10 18:20 (UTC)
11th Dec, 2011 10:02 (UTC)
Sorry, first para was me messing up - I was in a bit of a state when I wrote it, put the first para in, then managed to write the second one over the top. Came back & fixed it later.

It wasn't just that he died - I was kind of braced for that, given his age and he suddenly seemed quite ill - but that I put him in the car, and he had a little wag and was all pleased. Then I opened the boot at the other end and he was just lying there. Then he twitched and I thought, maybe he's not dead, so I grabbed him and rushed into the vet's building but it was too late. It was a shock. Thanks for wishing him well.
10th Dec, 2011 14:34 (UTC)
What a huge shame. I'm glad that you were able to make him happy while you had him.
10th Dec, 2011 15:42 (UTC)
I'm sorry. He sounded (and looked) like a lovely dog.
10th Dec, 2011 17:45 (UTC)
I'm so sorry... The unexpectedness of it must be upsetting, but as you said, he was a happy character, and he obviously loved his time with you.
10th Dec, 2011 18:56 (UTC)
Oh damn. I'm so sorry to hear that; your comments about him here and on the borg were almost always amusing.
10th Dec, 2011 19:10 (UTC)
Oh no! Poor doggie. But at least he had a happy last few weeks with you.
10th Dec, 2011 19:18 (UTC)
Oh I'm so terribly sorry. What a dreadful thing. At least it was quick and he obviously had a wonderful last few weeks with you. Sending *hugs*
10th Dec, 2011 21:57 (UTC)
I'm so sorry - but at least it was quick, and he was obviously very happy with you. And you have some lovely memories.
10th Dec, 2011 22:27 (UTC)
I'm glad Darwin had a good time while he was with you, but sorry that it ended so soon.
11th Dec, 2011 00:13 (UTC)
I'm really sorry to hear that, he seemed so full of life and bouncy. At least he was happy right up to the end, not that it makes it any easier on you losing him so suddenly :-(
11th Dec, 2011 10:05 (UTC)
... thanks everyone for your good wishes for Darwin. I don't feel able to go through and reply to them individually right now, sorry.
12th Dec, 2011 01:17 (UTC)
Such sad news. I can only echo the others and say I'm so sorry, and at least he had such a happy few weeks with you and went quickly. It's a lovely idea with the ashes - he can be with you every time you walk up there, now.
15th Dec, 2011 20:32 (UTC)
That's a terrible shame. But you did him a great service, and he had a good home for the end of his days. You do such a great job for those animals - I'm sure you'll soon find another unfortunate to help out.

I don't know about you, but I've seen so many animals (and people)grow old and fade away that I tend to accept things much more now. It's sad, but it's all part of life's rich tapestry.
15th Dec, 2011 20:45 (UTC)
I was surprised how much it upset me at the time - as you say, I've lost a few and have become a little adjusted to it, and he was only here a month. I think it was because it was SO quick. e I literally popped him in the car unwell, but very much able to walk, wag etc, and opened the car 5 mins later at the other end and there he was dead.

But as you say (and I can see now I've calmed down) it is absolutely the best way, he really didn't suffer. He is my first foster dog to make it to be an icon!
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