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To the emergency vet...

I'm quite worried about Darwin.  This evening he began showing a lot of signs that the internet suggested could be bloat (discomfort, attempts to vomit, salivation, panting).  He seemed distressed enough that I called the vet and arranged to bring him in immediately. 

It's not bloat - vet is baffled. He's clearly not a well dog, panting like mad, depressed & floppy (though, obviously, the car ride did perk him up a bit, typical). There seems to be something up with his upper stomach, but nothing visible on ultrasound scan.  The vet was worried something was up with his liver, but it looks OK (apparently: I have no idea what a dog liver should look like on ultrasound!). Gums are a bit bluish, possibly not enough oxygen getting through but no sign why. Vet has taken a stomach fluid sample (he just stood there, didn't even flinch).

Just possible he's eaten something that caused the dry heaves stomach problem (and the salivation, which has now settled down a bit) but that doesn't explain why he seems so ill. I've brought him home, will take him in Monday for another ACTH test unless he gets worse.  

I am quite worried but there doesn't seem to be anything else to do.  Darwin refused his evening tripe stick, which is unheard of : he adores tripe. 

After Bob lurcher I am starting to think that I am a magnet for medical mysteries!

I feel bad about dragging the vet out at night but he seemed to think it was OK. On balance, I would rather regret dragging vet out than regret NOT going to vet quickly, but I'd be happier if there had been anything he could do to help!  

I've spoken to vet who is not sure what to do to help given that it's not clear what the problem is. He says he thinks Darwin not in pain as no reaction to prodding, I'm not sure about that as no reaction when he took a sample of stomach fluid which surely must have hurt! Though now I think of it, when he got into a nest of brambles and got prickled he did cry and demand to be rescued, so he's clearly not a total stoic. But I think reaction to severe ongoing pain is different???

Darwin has still not eaten or drunk anything, still seems exhausted, panting, shifting about. Staggered into garden to have a poo (good boy!) no problem there but he collapsed afterwards in a bush & I had to fish him out, it's not cold here but I can't think lying on wet grass is the right thing.

Vet has gone away baffled to do research & consult w. other vets & will call back. I am cleaning the entire house as displacement activity and philmophlegm has heroically walked my hounds for me so I can be in for vet phonecalls & to keep an eye on D. I shall have no fingernails left if this goes on till Mon.
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