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Bubbly tummy...

Dog finds some things are not edible, despite the smell :-(

Last night, Molly stole one of my Christmas Lush bath things, and ate it. Then she was thirsty, so she had a big drink. Then the Lush thing bubbled in her stomach so she was sick. Then she did it again. Three times. Then she ran out of water and her bedroom was delightfully decorated with a remarkable quantity of soapy sick, so she went downstairs and slept with the cats, who were not impressed. Kjetil came upstairs and woke me to complain. It was 2:30am. Arghhhh.

This required some serious action. We had the extra-strength kitchen paper, the best antivomit foaming cleaner, but these are tools designed for cat unwellness. A dog does things on an entirely larger scale.

So, today I went and bought an amazing heated foamy floorcleaning doophus. It really does work: hurray!

She wasn't in the least exhausted by the night gastronomic adventures, so once I got back from buying the doophus and had cleaned the carpet, and she had eaten a pig's ear and a quantity of dried tripe, we went for a nice long walk.

We met a young golden retriever called Ted, and she played 'chase the retriever' all over the hill. This was a bit of a landmark, as I have never seen her play properly with another dog before! Greyhounds aren't allowed to play together when they are puppies in case they start playing during a race. :-(. So seeing her bouncing at this puppy, and it bouncing back, and chasing each other - well that was so lovely.

I forgave her for the bubblebath incident on the spot.

Then after the walk, Polo and I fitted a new valve and float to the loo. It was the first time either of us had done this, and we are absurdly proud of it.
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