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Running with the autumn wind

( click to embiggen!)

I'm quite pleased with it overall, particularly the way it's worked using only 2 colours and the wind-dog. Az (grey) looks just a bit stiff, and the camera hasn't quite picked up the sparkly yellow highlights in the foreground. I'm not quite sure about the lighting, though you get the general idea, the beams of light coming through the clouds onto the sea are maybe a bit solid and splodgy...



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7th Dec, 2011 09:47 (UTC)
Thanks! (I have good models!)
(Deleted comment)
7th Dec, 2011 09:48 (UTC)
Thanks! It was coincidence that I have a Payne's Grey coloured dog and a Burnt Sienna dog, but once I realised they were the colour of the sky and the land it had to be done!
6th Dec, 2011 20:12 (UTC)
The colour choices especially are lovely.
7th Dec, 2011 09:50 (UTC)
I'm trying to do more things with only a few contrasting colours : I shall try to work up to full colour paintings. Am inclined to think that getting it right with lots of hues makes it harder.
6th Dec, 2011 20:43 (UTC)
That's gorgeous!
7th Dec, 2011 09:50 (UTC)
Thank you!
6th Dec, 2011 21:26 (UTC)
I really like that and I'm impressed you did it with only 2 colours, I hadn't noticed that until I read what you'd written about it.
7th Dec, 2011 09:52 (UTC)
Well, if I'm honest there is a tiny tiny bit of chromium yellow in there as well, but not much. Mark points out that orange and teal contrast colours are the colours that a lot of films use. I just picked dog colours!
6th Dec, 2011 22:10 (UTC)
I really like this. I like the idea of the wind as a dog. I think the light works well: it's the way it reflects of the river further inland that appeals to me in particular. Thanks for sharing it.
7th Dec, 2011 09:54 (UTC)
Thanks! I'm not sure about the light on the sea - it looks fabulous when it does that in real life (for some reason there is often a gap in the clouds just over Plymouth, perhaps something to do with all the houses changing the local weather, or maybe it's the river) but I think I need to practice more to give it that really luminous translucent quality. But you can see where I'm trying to go with it.
7th Dec, 2011 18:36 (UTC)
That's lovely. The two colors really do work well together.
7th Dec, 2011 23:23 (UTC)
Oh darling, this is beautiful! I love the movement in the piece, and the colours add real atmosphere to it. It's so evocative of those bronze and silver days by the coast when the wind is high. I love that shaft of sunlight cutting through the clouds! And of course the dogs, both earthly and airy, are gorgeous :D
15th Dec, 2011 20:36 (UTC)
20th Dec, 2011 23:27 (UTC)
Wow, that's fab. I love the wind-dog. It reminds me rather of the Storm-Cat from one of my favourite children's books (favourite for reading to the boys, I mean, it wasn't written when I was a child) "The Mousehole Cat", which possibly you or Philmo might like. Some pictures here, though it's an old website and the pics don't seem to enlarge any more.
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