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Darwin has settled in very well.  Az has decided he will put up with him, the cats consider him to be a sort of walking cushion, and I think Mollydog quite likes him. 

Weird feet! 

Is it my imagination that he looks very slightly less lumpy?

I think she quite likes him... Mollydog is about a kilo and a half lighter than Darwin, but she looks huge compared to him in this pic. 

 He's still drinking rather a lot - between 2 & 3 litres a day.  It is a bit of a worry that this might indicate diabetes or Cushings disease....  He had a test for Cushings recently which came back negative, and I'm waiting for the results of the urine test.  It is possible this is partly behavioural : he was crated without water, so to some degree it is understandable that he might be inclined to fill up on water since it's available.  He has drunk a bit less today - only about 2 litres - so fingers crossed. 



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(Deleted comment)
23rd Nov, 2011 23:07 (UTC)
The little hill that the pony is standing on is a bona fide Bronze Age burial mound, then behind that, the hill on the right in the background is Hingston Down where the Cornish were possibly defeated by the Anglosaxons in the ninth century (unless that happened somewhere else). The blue hills in the distance are Dartmoor. Not really the best lighting for photographing them though! :-D
23rd Nov, 2011 22:39 (UTC)
I do like the very teeny horse that Molly has standing on her back. The whole picture is a bit like a Musicians of Bremen situation thrown into confusing disarray.
23rd Nov, 2011 22:48 (UTC)
I put in the one with Darwin's feet bending improbably for you, since you commented that dogs don't look right when running in photos, I am now on a quest to get particularly improbable poses that somehow work...

Also, Happy Birthday (again)
23rd Nov, 2011 23:51 (UTC)
He really is a very strange shape all over. Going by that top photograph, his muzzle is asymmetrical and his eyes point different ways. I still love him, though. And he definitely does look less lumpy.
24th Nov, 2011 09:16 (UTC)
I fear he is not the finest example of a coonhound ever. But he is very cuddly. :-D

I am hoping that eventually he will get to a stage where he can lie on the floor without his tummy forming a sort of strange pool around him.
24th Nov, 2011 03:45 (UTC)
great dog
24th Nov, 2011 04:47 (UTC)
Awww, it does look like those wattles about his neck are much less loose and floppy, and is that a hint of a waistline starting to show? Huzzah! And that sweet old boy looks like he's enjoying although the fabulous outdoor smells, too. <3
24th Nov, 2011 09:19 (UTC)
He is really loving the sniffing. When I drive up onto the hill and he sees that we are going for a walk, he sings joyful songs!
24th Nov, 2011 20:33 (UTC)
I can't quite get a handle on how big he is. He appears huge in some shots and less so in others. Would an overweight lab be a good comparison? He does look a very loveable character, whatever his size.
24th Nov, 2011 21:30 (UTC)
He was 29.5 kilos last week - which I think would actually be a medium lab? Obviously a more dumpy shape than many labs. :-D

Mollydog is around 28 kilos and she's a smallish greyhound, but Darwin has tried walking underneath her a couple of times. He doesn't really fit... :-D
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