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State of the Coonhound : mostly a photoupdate

Darwin has settled in very well.  Az has decided he will put up with him, the cats consider him to be a sort of walking cushion, and I think Mollydog quite likes him. 

Weird feet! 

Is it my imagination that he looks very slightly less lumpy?

I think she quite likes him... Mollydog is about a kilo and a half lighter than Darwin, but she looks huge compared to him in this pic. 

 He's still drinking rather a lot - between 2 & 3 litres a day.  It is a bit of a worry that this might indicate diabetes or Cushings disease....  He had a test for Cushings recently which came back negative, and I'm waiting for the results of the urine test.  It is possible this is partly behavioural : he was crated without water, so to some degree it is understandable that he might be inclined to fill up on water since it's available.  He has drunk a bit less today - only about 2 litres - so fingers crossed. 
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