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Seedlings are all doing really well and looking good. The first bizzie lizzie is in bud.

My dwarf nectarine tree has not just survived, but is flowering!

I have talked one of my clients into sponsoring the Oldies Club stall at the Wag and Bone show in August. Excellent!

I made some fridge magnets for the Oldies Club to sell on stalls, in the shape of the cartoon oldies from the quiz I did. They have turned out rather well.

I've finally finished a search keyword research job that bored me.

I designed a logo for someone who has an animal physiotherapy business, in return for an Oldies donation.  I do love designing logos, it's not like work, and I got to draw a horse.

We did actually get a sales enquiry today, though I don't know if it's going anywhere.

I have resolved to trial the vet in Callington.

I still have several new books to read, including one about Athelstan, and one Turkish whodunnit bought for my MIL in Istanbul last year, and now on loan to me, reviewed by her as 'very good if you don't mind the dirty bits.  You know, it has sex bits in it'.  Well.  dear me.

Dogs are getting on really well. Azure has excellent recall, and also gets on very well with Smudge and Ronnie.


The business is going through a very quiet patch at the mo. It's all a bit worrying. We have money coming in from the regular stuff like management and maintenance, but no decent-sized new development projects at all.

Uneasy feeling that this is My Fault for being Idle.

I booked a couple of trial adverts, but they had no effect.  Didn't think they would really, but hey.

Azure has a bit of a tendency to hurl himself into bushes and get covered in scratches and thorns.  This can't be good for him.  Also even though I am giving him more Chappie than Mollydog gets of Arden Grange kibble, even though he is a lot smaller,  I think he has lost a bit of weight.

The dratted rabbits have started a burrow.  I know this means they are feeling cheery and springlike, but it's awfully muddy.

Can't decide what to paint on the four tiny square canvasses Polo got me for my birthday.

Feeling a bit lack of confidence in current vet in Tavvi.

Slugs have eaten some of my sweet pea seedlings.

Polo believes that the car is more efficient on super unleaded fuel.  It has just done 264 miles on it, and the light has gone on.  I shall now refill with ordinary unleaded and compare results.

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