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A coonhound looms on the horizon.

Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to foster a coonhound.   Apparently nobody else wants to foster him so he's coming here on Saturday.  Oops. 



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9th Nov, 2011 19:53 (UTC)
Oh, goodness, that is indeed a coonhound!
10th Nov, 2011 11:00 (UTC)
I know! What are the odds!
10th Nov, 2011 12:20 (UTC)
A quick Google suggests there are no UK breeders.

He's got a lovely expression!
(Deleted comment)
10th Nov, 2011 11:02 (UTC)
He looks adorable (if possibly, just a tad smug!)

Will see how he is when he gets here...
9th Nov, 2011 20:27 (UTC)
9th Nov, 2011 21:52 (UTC)
He looks lovely!
9th Nov, 2011 22:54 (UTC)
Yay, a coonhound! And he knows he is, judging by that face. Due notice, I will be pestering you for pictures every hour on the hour for as long as you have him.
10th Nov, 2011 11:01 (UTC)
There will, as usual, be a *lot* of photos...

Anything I should know about scenthounds? Basically all I know about scenthounds is that they follow ... smelly things... anywhere!
10th Nov, 2011 15:34 (UTC)
Yeah, that's probably the most important thing to bear in mind - extreme selective deafness when on the scent of something. Massively foody. Rather talkative (Blaze gives a running commentary of all her thoughts and feelings as she wanders round the house, and yodels pleasantly for my attention). Paws like monkey hands - scenthound owners are known to get together to proudly compare their hounds' door-opening abilities. Very very smart about things they want to be smart about and very very dumb otherwise. They also jump like horses and can vanish over the horizon in one stride (and unlike sighthounds can actually keep that up for miles), but, no offence, your fella looks a little too portly to worry about that too much. I do find Blaze more independent-minded than sighthounds I've had, not because she's not cuddly and affectionate (she is very) but because I don't think she actually really cares what I think about her, whereas my sighthounds have tended to have a more concerned and appeasing nature. That might just be Blaze having a massive ego, though.

He is a lovely grinning boy. Where's he come from?
10th Nov, 2011 19:12 (UTC)
He is a bit on the chunky side - also he is 11! So I'm hoping his disappearing over the horizon days are over even if I do manage to get a few pounds off him. Hope he fits the 'massively foody' description, makes things much easier. We are already used to Mollydog basically eating anything left unguarded below the 6 foot line, and it's much easier to exercise a dog that knows you have a pocket full of liver treats. Will watch out for paws like monkey hands!

Owners brought him over with them when they moved from the US - they are now relocating again and this time can't take him.
11th Nov, 2011 14:40 (UTC)
Poor laddie, abandoned in a foreign country. I look forward to hearing how he settles in.
10th Nov, 2011 18:24 (UTC)
Sighthounds and a scenthound! You'll have all the bases covered... He looks like a lovely old chap, and will hopefully be past the lock-onto-a-scent-forever thing.
10th Nov, 2011 19:13 (UTC)
I'm told that he's 'very mellow' so with a bit of luck he will be a nice easy dog that just slots in *touches wood superstitiously*.
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