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I have planted all the 4 sorts of squash and the 2 sorts of pumpkin seeds, all in the heated propagator. The peppers have moved out to make space: some are in a propagator in the greenhouse (unheated) and others are on windowsills. I have single-planted most of the squash seeds, but double planted the seeds that were from last year, because I think they will germinate less well.

The aubretia is flowering well, and the daffs are almost over. I weeded the patio to remove dandelions, which went to the bunnies. Rhubarb is well up and crumble approaches. No signs of any life from the physalis in the greenhouse: is it dead at last??

I am pleased to see that the nectarine is flowering! I think this means it has put its roots down through the bottom of the pot into the soil. Needs mulching.
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