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Emergency photography!

We heard today that Dogs Today magazine would feature a couple of Oldies Club dogs seeking homes if we could supply large high-quality photos of them.  One of the dogs in question was Blue, who has been waiting for a home for well over a year.  

We (ie, the commmittee & rehoming team) are really keen to find a home for Blue, as apart from the fact that as long as he is waiting, he is blocking other urgent dogs coming in, his fosterer has some really steep steps in her back garden.  At the moment he can handle them, but as he gets older he would really be better off in a home where he can walk in and out on the flat, as he's far too big to carry.     We needed to supply photos to the magazine by Friday, and we only had smaller web-quality pics, so I volunteered to dash into Plymouth pronto and photograph him. 

Here he is! 
(you can see the rest of the ones that came out OK if you click through).

I was quite pleased with the results, given that it was a very grey day, starting to rain and the light was appalling. I took a bag of dog treats with me, as you can see from the focussed expression. He's a gorgeous dog, and so unusual to see a rottweiler with that sort of coat.
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