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Two dog walks

It was a glorious blue-sky day today, so I took my camera out  twice.  

Not too hot in the morning, so Mollydog did a bit of gentle zooming.  I like the way the camera has just caught her ears flying here. Also, for a change, she is not pulling a ridiculous face as she runs. 

It has rained and rained and rained over the last few days.  Everywhere there were sky-reflecting puddles. 

The grass was beautifully dewy.

We met one of this year's baby ponies, almost all grown up.  Comical mossyfaced object he was. 

It was so good we came back at sunset.   This is where it got odd.   This is a place where I walk very often, and it's not really all that huge.  But I noticed this strange lump on the horizon that I'd never noticed before, so we set off to investigate it.  

We got into a strange maze of hummocks and dips that seemed to go on for ages - which is odd, because I'd never noticed it before, or been that way, and I would have sworn I knew the area well!  It was very Barrow-wightish (though I'm guessing it was really 19th century mining spoilheaps.  If in doubt, that's usually what all the lumps are.... 

But as we went through the wightish mounds, Az was possessed and became weirdly goblinish, with pointy ears and squinty eyes! 

Thankfully he soon got over it and decided to go for 'intrepid explorer' instead. 

We ended up in a very dark and mysterious chasm, which was quite difficult to find a way out of. 

Finally, we found our way out and back onto a path in the sunlight.  It was quite a relief. 

The sun was going down, so we ran away before the wights came out and got us. 

Though as we left, two people were pursuing their chocolate labrador with faint cries of 'Come' into the maze of not-barrows.  If there are any wights in there, I imagine they ate well tonight. 
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