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On the left, draft 1 of a pencil and ink drawing attempting the style of Pauline Baynes. I'm saddened to read in this obituary that she felt her style had become old fashioned and was no longer wanted, and I kind of wish I'd written to her before she died to tell her how great I thought her work was: always a cheering thing to hear, right?  She only died three years ago, I hadn't realised she was still alive...

Final version on the right - I added a couple more details, then photographed it again, took it into Paintshop Pro, tweaked the brightness and manually brightened up the snowdrops and the snow on the ground around the treetrunks in software, as I think things look different on a backlit monitor. It didn't look right when I made the entire background white, as it is on the paper, but I wanted some white in the image.

Click to embiggen!
Edit - after I posted this, I realised that the horses had no girths on their saddles. I deliberately didn't give them stirrups, but I think even in the most bareback style of riding there should be something to hold the blanket & pad thing on the horse. So I added that. And my horrible husband pointed out that the spear shape was wrong, so I've amended that as well.


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18th Oct, 2011 19:27 (UTC)
These are lovely.
8th Nov, 2011 19:43 (UTC)
I don't know if they have girths as such - don't they have an arrangement of breastplate and crupper (or more like breeching, if that's the right word, I can't remember...) which holds the saddle in place. I have yet to read Equus: The Horse in the Roman World which I'm sure will elucidate this further...

Oh, and the drawings are very, very lovely! I've never seen the slaughter of a deer look so poetic!
10th Nov, 2011 22:58 (UTC)
Maybe 'girth' was the wrong word... I looked at various photos of people riding either Roman style or just with a bareback pad, and anyone who wasn't riding a completely naked horse seemed to have some sort of strap to just hold things together.

Though to be honest, these are not really trying to accurate to a particular historical period, it was hard enough trying to fake Pauline Baynes... It's definitely a fantasy-land hunt, not a messy ugly real one!
15th Jan, 2013 21:10 (UTC)
Fantastic! Haven't seen this before, but I love the style.
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