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Pointy-dog friends

Here are some random cheering photos of friendly dogs and cats.  Mostly Flash whuppet and Suma Bungle. 

Flash whuppet and Suma Bungle do curls. 

Large dog (Mollydog) - small dog (Flash) -  Bungle (Suma).  Pity I can't get them to actually stand on each other's backs. Still. 

I have no idea what Mollydog is doing in the background of this photo but it made me laugh.  The foreground nose is Smudge and the solemn middle whippet is Flash.   Pity I chopped his nose off, but that's the problem with a 55mm lens, it gets you in TOO close sometimes. 

Smudge looking particularly pleased with herself. 

Mollydog, ex-racer, proves that at the age of 12, she can still overtake some dogs.  Particularly if they are chubby, shortlegged, and not really trying. 

I bought this bed for Az, but I think it's a tad on the large side. Still, at least there is room for two: whippet and whippety lurcher. 

Even if one of the two is a greyhound. (Mollydog greyhound on the right, Flash whippet on the left) .

Snoozes with Bungles. 

Apparently the Bunglesnoozing wasn't snuggly enough, as they re-arranged themselves to do this:  

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