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blue dog has landed...


So far settling in OK, though he seems to have a little more of the collie in him than I was expecting: he looks like a big whippet, but he is definitely showing some collie traits (more active than I was expecting!). Kept me awake last night rather too long, but he is just settling in.

He has separation anxiety - well that's nothing new, at least he isn't as loud about it as Mollydog - and is apparently afraid of loud noises, small children and heavy machinery. Though we met a small child walking on Kitt Hill this morning and he licked him, so possibly is only afraid of Brummy small children (he's from Walsall).

His owners drove him down from the Midlands so they could do the homecheck themselves and say goodbye: it was very sad, as they clearly didn't want to lose him. But I can imagine that a suburban house in Walsall is not an ideal location for a nervy collie-minded whippet, specially as he had to be left all day.. They said as soon as they got here how calm he seemed in the house: I'm guessing that constant traffic noise may have been keeping him wound up. Luckily he doesn't seem to be bothered by the telly!

Henning has taken to the hedges, though the other cats are taking things in their stride. Poor Henny, he does get so upset by any sort of change. Still, he adapted OK to Mollydog: I'm sure he can cope with this too.
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