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Sutcliff Talk

The excellent hedgebird has created a new Rosemary Sutcliff discussion community to take all the chat and arguments about all the many Sutcliff books that are not Eagle of the Ninth that have been bubbling up all over.  

I thought there might be a few old Arthurians who might potentially be interested.

(Yes, I am still reading piles of Sutcliff and endless books about Roman history. But this is probably not news. Am starting to lose hope of ever getting my brain back and am now getting used to living in the small corner of it that is not mostly full of historical fiction, translations of documents, & random archaeology).



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17th Sep, 2011 10:32 (UTC)
When I get involved with online communities and write fanfic - as opposed to obsessing in wild, crazy solitude - I find that my obsessions take two years before they run their course and my brain becomes my own again. :-)

I really must reread all my old, favourite Sutcliffs. I've just a few more (short) books in the series I'm currently reading, so maybe then.
17th Sep, 2011 14:07 (UTC)
You are an obsessy kind of person though and do this sort of thing all the time! I'm usually really not.

I mean, I got into Stargate SG1 a little - and by my standards that was quite an enthusiasm, in that I actually bought some DVDs myself rather than putting them on a wishlist, and watched them on my own. Once. I got to series 8 and ran out of steam : I probably won't bother with the rest.

I don't DO this. Well, maybe Tolkien a bit, but not in an obsess over then put away afterwards way. And OK, I do occasionally write the odd bit of fiction, but I don't think I've written fanfic since school. (Unless you class my undergraduate essays as historical fanfic, which in a contorted kind of way some of them probably were.) It's all very odd.
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