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Some drawn things (and an old carving)

After I posted those pictures of pretty hound knotwork, I noticed that Az was trying to be knotwork too. 

So I had a go at turning that into an exaggerated hound-knotwork:

It's fairly simple, but I might have a go at carving it if I can find a suitable piece of wood to put it on.   I deliberately didn't make it over-ornamental, as I still have bitter memories of having carved this (years ago now) : 

I'm quite proud of how it came out in the end, but my goodness, it was a nightmare to do!  My big mistake was doing it on a piece of nasty cheap pine which though easy to cut, doesn't take detail well at the best of times, so getting the lines smooth was horribly difficult.  I had to resort to sanding it in the end, and if you look closely you can see that there are still whiskery bits.
I've also had a go at drawing an Eagle of the Ninth book-Marcus (young, with heavy eyebrows and big nose).  This is him celebrating with his friend Cassius after winning the Legion's Saturnalia chariot race in the chariot that he borrowed from Cassius - that's why Marcus is wearing laurels, and both of them look a bit drunk. 

Yes, I know Marcus is supposed to be short - Cassius is Roman too, and he's not tall either, apparently.  Possibly he should look more Greek.  
They are wearing braccae (Cassius) and leg wrappings (Marcus) because they are after all in Wales (Caerleon) in December.

I was very pleased with this when I drew it but alas, now I look at it again, it's one of those annoying pictures where it doesn't look as good as you remembered!   I think I probably need to do something different with the feet.  (I nicked the pose from two happy celebrating footballers, and they were wearing football boots, so I think I didn't do the best job putting them into other shoes. )
Here's a picture I drew for a ninth-eagle fanmedia challenge.   The landscape in the background was the prompt : I drew the chariot, photographed it, and added the textured photo behind it. 

Pity about the squonky wheel and that middle pony with the slight odd head, but I think I've decided in the end it more or less works.

I've remembered (from many years ago) that I am totally seduced by image prompts. 

As well as this photo image, I also ended up writing this short story about Guinhumara from the same prompt, and I could easily have ended up writing / drawing three or four more stories from some of the other image prompts (if I didn't have other things to do, drattit!)  

The short story was actually going to be a pair of pastel drawings, only I started thinking about how they would work and what they would look like while I was walking the dogs and didn't have anything to draw with, and by the time I got back I found I'd written so much description in my head that it might as well be a story rather than drawings.
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