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Oh drat

My mother has just called - she's now in a local rehabilitation unit  and was hoping to go home next week - to say that her doctor thinks she may have broken her leg when she broke her hip.   This is on the same leg, which also still has shingles. I may need to drive her back to Plymouth for another X-ray. 

I wish this had been noticed sooner, though I can kind of see that if you are looking at a leg that already has a broken hip and shingles, you aren't going to immediately assume that it's broken as well.   Bummitude.


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9th Sep, 2011 11:57 (UTC)
I hope she's doing ok, have they found out if her leg is actually broken yet?
9th Sep, 2011 12:44 (UTC)
I took her in for an X-ray of ankle & lower leg this morning - now waiting to hear officially back from the hospital but the X-ray zappy man - radiologist? said he thought not. He also looked at it and made expensive-plumber noises and said it looked very nasty. It is very swollen and painful. :-(

I just hope she doesn't fall over again - I left her in the waiting room at the hospital while I went and fetched the car (Tavi hospital only has about 5 car parking spaces) and by the time I got back she had beetled out on her crutches and was standing in the rain by the roadside!

I can't blame her really as she has been stuck inside hospitals for weeks - I suspect I would do the same - but none the less, if she falls over and knackers something else then she really will be in a mess.

She does seem to be a lot perkier than she was: the rehabilitation unit where she is staying is quite pleasant in a shabby kind of way. My mum is also pleasant if a little shabby, so she fits right in :-D
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9th Sep, 2011 19:15 (UTC)
I think she's had pretty good care throughout really (which is a relief!), it's just one of those situations where it is quite difficult to work out quite what's going on and make sure all of it is getting dealt with. :-/
9th Sep, 2011 20:05 (UTC)
Glad to see she's improving, will she listen if you warn her not to push herself too much? In similar circs I think my mum would expect a wheelchair and to be pushed everywhere.

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9th Sep, 2011 21:03 (UTC)
LOL, everyone has been warning her that for months! Apparently her doctor gave her a telling off when she broke her hip... No, she is a bolshy-minded independent individualist*, and doesn't believe in slowing down or taking things gently, she just wants to whizz about and go yomping over the moors.

Or, she doesn't believe in slowing down, for her. Obviously if it were someone else, she would be on at them to take it easy. :-D

* Mum, if you read this, IT IS TRUE. You are. So there.
17th Sep, 2011 09:25 (UTC)
Oh, your poor mum. Hope she can keep her spirits up.
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