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The Happy Apple Tree

It is the time of year when I look around the jungle garden and am overcome with woe at all the things I didn't manage to keep up with. I've not taken any photos of the veg beds. They are just too depressing.

Instead, here is something that has definitely worked: the Happy Apple Tree. She used to be a bit sad and oppressed, half-buried in a shrubbery, but I got rid of the shrubs, and now she is covered in apples!    Behind her is the twisted willow which is also feeling much more cheerful nowadays.

I planted a clematis at the base of each of them.  I'm not entirely sure about the one in the happy apple tree. His double flowers are rather small and dark.

I really like the effect of this clematis in the twisted willow though, and he flowers for ages as well.

For no real reason, here is a photo of some butter which I thought was rather decorative.  Butter is surprisingly difficult to photograph.

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