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Dukeless again

GinormoDoop has gone home.  Our house feels a lot bigger now it only has four dogs in it!   I was inspired to do a Duke retrospective post.

This is what he looked like when he arrived from the pound in Ireland to be fostered at our house. You can see that collar he had on was really digging into him despite how thin he was. They had to cut it off.

And this was him on the first day he was with us: very thin and covered in scars, but SO happy to be out on a walk after a big breakfast.

It took a while before he was really safe around the cats, though we got there in the end.

He filled out a fair bit while he was with us, and looked a lot better by the time he went home with his new owner.

But looking at the photos from last week, I think he's looking even better now.

I was thinking the cat training might need revisiting since it was quite a challenge to get him cat-friendly the first time - but no. He was 100% with all of them from the time he walked in. Well done Duke.

He seemed to hit it off with little Flash Whuppet.

Now there's a dog having fun:

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