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Rummagings in the Heritage Gateway

Today, for some reason that I'm sure was work-related originally, I found myself rummaging in the Heritage Gateway, and ran a search (not work related) for Old Things roundabout my house.

(I would link direct to what I found, but because the damn thing has been built all Ajaxy and POST-only, I can't do that. Grrrr. Why do people build forms that carry no secure data in such a way that you can't use GET to create a nice linkable result?)

I found we have a dubiously Roman British hill fort / round thing just down the road in Greenscombe Wood, which I was not previously aware of.  I must go and see if I can work out where it is supposed to be.

We also have a lot of Bronze age barrows - I knew about those but I didn't know there was one in Sevenstones (though, the place where they have put the Google maps pointer is not actually IN Sevenstones, so I'm not sure if that is wrong. This doesn't resolve the problem of whether there were really Seven Stones there at some point. ( If I lived in Sevenstones, I would *definitely* want to have a flag with seven stars.  And I would plant a White Tree. )

I would also like to share with you the Old Round Things of St Dominick. First we have Berry Camp, which seems to be very definitely a clearly marked and obvious Old Round Thing.   Then we have Pensinger - OK, a bit less clear but still fairly obvious.  And then... it all just starts sounding really hopeful and exciteable, as if someone is rushing about going 'I've found another one!!!!!!!!'   : Haye Trehill Corneal - and I particularly like this one, Ashton Barton where someone has basically stood in a field arguing excitably with the farmer about whether it's really an Old Round Thing or just a random stream.  I love that.   I hope all the Old Round Things are really Old and Round and future archaeologists will come in hoverpods and tell us all about them.

Also, I was intrigued to discover that the quarry on Kit Hill has been dated to 'Early Medieval to Modern - 410 AD to 2050 AD' - suggesting that there is doubt over whether it exists yet. This seems splendidly Douglas Adams.
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