bunn (bunn) wrote,

Lack of electricity, choppings, burnings, visitings.

On Thursday...
when we were walking the hounds, we could see the Red Arrows performing in the distance at Fowey regatta. I don't know why this made the news today that one of them crashed seem more close, but oddly, it did.

On Friday...
the electricity company decided we didn't need electricity today. So I packed up all 5 dogs and my laptop (which had staged a recovery after the Coffee Incident, although I am awaiting delivery of a new one which Mr Sony is making for me as I type. )  I went to my Mum's house, hoping there would be electricity there.  (I needed to get Flash his Mr Sneeze toy and his many coats anyway).

There was electricity, but once I had got there and set everything up, I found that the keys b, n, and 'space' on my keyboard had decided they weren't needed that day either.  It's quite remarkable how often you need b & n, but really I don't think anyone could work without a spacebar.

That evening it was fine, so we resolved to tackle the jungle that is our garden, and hacked, chopped and burned.  This was something of a theme for the weekend.
On Saturday...
More hacking, chopping and burning!    In particular, I felled a hazel tree which had been offending the eyes of our neighbour, who had on several occasions mentioned his concern that it might be about to savagely rip our guttering from the wall. 

When I had just finished removing it, our neighbour came out of his house, looked up, removed his pipe from under his moustache, and said "Oh, I say!".  Truly, he is a man fallen out of the Twenties...

And I did some work in the evening, to compensate for my having not done anything much on Friday.
On Sunday...
I went to visit my mother, who is looking a great deal better and is now able to walk a little (very slowly) on her shiny new hip.  I took grapes (how stereotypical! But that's what she wanted), as she is on restricted fluids - something to do with sodium levels - and wanted fruit (is that cheating?)   She is still not quite right but is definitely improving and I am hoping that the broken hip will pin her down long enough that she will jolly well have to hang about in one place and get better as she has been under the weather for ages and pinging about the place like a hyperactive flea volunteering for everything can't help.

With a bit of luck, if there is space in Tavistock hospital next week, she can move there, which will be easier to get to and a step towards getting her back home.  I think it's going to be a while before she can have her dogs back though.

While we hacked and burned today, we were watched by an interested goat in next door's garden.  I noticed this goat a couple of weeks ago, and wondered if it were deliberate or accidental.  I'm now thinking that surely it must be deliberate.  After two weeks, surely even the most careless garden owner would have noticed the presence of a goat?  I know this is Cornwall, hence the uncertainty, but even so.

We discovered that the fire on Saturday had been so hot that we were able to just pull the ashes off the top and add new foliage (and some paraffin) and get it going again.   philmophlegm is now so familiar with paraffin that he has given it a pet name.  Paraffin is now 'Pari'.  I am a bit worried about this, though it must be admitted that a truly awesome amount of *stuff* has been burnt, and no people (or goats).  Hurray!

The hounds are all doing well.  I got another shot with all 5, though I still haven't got the 'Russian Dolls' sighthound shot. Or one with the six cats as well: now *that* would be a feat.

Tags: disaster, dogs, family, garden, health

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