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My mother called me last night to say she was feeling really ill and faint, presumably related to the shingles she is suffering right now on her right leg - but I was out. She left a message, sounding awful.

She then went out at about 10pm, despite the bad leg, faintness etc, to take her dogs out, and fell over. A concerned neighbour called an ambulance and then phoned me. I went over and got a bag of clothes, her purse, and of course her number 1 priority - THE DOGS. Then we all went to hospital in Plymouth, where I arrived (dogs waited in car!) just in time to meet her coming out of X ray and discovering she has a broken hip. She seemed to be in a lot of pain : I'm not sure if that was the hip or the shingles or both. Really hoping that she will be all right, she was waiting to be seen by an orthopedic doctor when I left.

Got back here about 2am, to find philmophlegm had found her voicemail message on the phone, arg.

Mum's OC whippet Flash woke me up at 7am to announce he had done a poo on the landing. The cats felt they should join in, so they were hugely sick all over the tins of cat food. And my work laptop decided to die literally 3 minutes before I got the call from the neighbour.

Oh yes, and Duke my huge foster dog from last year is coming to stay for a couple of weeks this evening - so it's really too late to ask if she can find someone else to take him. And philmophlegm is in Switzerland all next week!

I'm going to see if i can get away with going back to bed for an hour, since all beasts are now fed and watered. 


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11th Aug, 2011 08:24 (UTC)
Oh, my!

Hope your Mum gets over her shingles quickly - the hip is going to take time. And trust the animals to decided to 'help' keep you busy.

Best wishes and good luck.

11th Aug, 2011 16:23 (UTC)
Thank you! I managed to further compound my woes by throwing very hot coffee over myself and my computer. I laugh at threes...
11th Aug, 2011 08:49 (UTC)
Argh. That is a big stack of woes. All best wishes to your mum... -N.
11th Aug, 2011 16:23 (UTC)
She is having the operation today, I am pleased to say - I was worried it might be the kind of thing where they kept her hanging about but fortunately not. Just hoping for no complications now.
11th Aug, 2011 08:49 (UTC)
Oh Gawd - it all comes at once, doesn't it? And the poo on the landing is sort of the cherry on the cake.

Hope everything goes as well as possible with your Mum.
11th Aug, 2011 16:25 (UTC)
LOL, that is the kind of cherry I could do without! Fortunately whippet poos are at least *very small* Yes, I am clutching at straws!
11th Aug, 2011 09:31 (UTC)
Oh gosh that's terrible bad luck for your mum [it's my worst fear with my mum actually]. I do hope she'll be OK.

And good luck with all the beasties. Yes, they do choose their moments, don't they!
11th Aug, 2011 16:25 (UTC)
She's having an operation to put the hip back together today : am just hoping that all goes smoothly.
11th Aug, 2011 10:00 (UTC)
Arrgh! Fingers crossed things calm down soon.
11th Aug, 2011 16:26 (UTC)
Thank you! Mum's hip is the big thing of course, but why does it all hit the fan at once???
11th Aug, 2011 10:38 (UTC)
Woe, woe and thrice woe indeed. Best wishes to your mother, and I hope the beasties settle down soon.
11th Aug, 2011 16:28 (UTC)
Thrice? I think I'm heading for nine+ now, having thrown hot coffee over myself. Oh yes, and Duke's adopter has Facebooked to say she will be late as her partner has ill and had to be rushed to hospital as well!

I guess there is a silver lining to getting it all out of the way in one go. If my mother's hip gets sorted then that is the main thing, most other things can be sorted with patience and hot water!
11th Aug, 2011 14:05 (UTC)
Uck, big hugs. Hope everything gets better quickly, most of all your mother!
11th Aug, 2011 16:29 (UTC)
Thank you! Am hoping that all the other annoyances are attracting the lightning away so that my mum is not afflicted with any more woes!
11th Aug, 2011 17:28 (UTC)
Eek. That doesn't sound at all nice. Hope your Mum gets better soon, and the animals don't go on a rampage of looting and riot.
12th Aug, 2011 02:03 (UTC)
Perhaps being placed in the company of the hounds should be a sentence available to London magistrates... but on frank reflection I wouldn't want to wish the rioters on the dogs!
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11th Aug, 2011 17:32 (UTC)
Oh halp! I hope she gets better soon.
13th Aug, 2011 08:35 (UTC)
Well, so far so good - they have given her a new hip. Her friend Margaret points out cheerily that people often do need new hips as they get older so she has just jumped the queue.

However, I think she's feeling a bit down about the recovery period.
12th Aug, 2011 02:03 (UTC)
Best wishes to your mother, and I hope the dogs look after you!
13th Aug, 2011 08:36 (UTC)
Thank you! At the moment I am going everywhere at the head of a small army of dogs... Fortunately they all seem to get on well with one another, and with the cats!
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12th Aug, 2011 03:04 (UTC)
oh, how awful that all sounds! So sorry about your mother, especially, a broken hip is very painful (so are shingles) and it's tough to recover from. Not impossible, by any means, but it's slow and takes some effort.

How nice of the animals to send their condolences by vomiting/pooing all over everything.

And then the laptop, and the coffee... but you went back to bed for a bit, right? Sometimes the only thing to do is give up on the day.
13th Aug, 2011 08:42 (UTC)
I gave up totally - to be honest, I more or less gave up on Friday as well, which I suppose is the advantage ofbeing selfemployed...

The animals are now all behaving themselves and my mother has a new hip, so here's hoping things are on the up! Recovery period is a bit scary, but she's normally pretty active (I spent hours phoning people cancelling her social life!) and not *that* old so I'm hoping that she will manage it.
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13th Aug, 2011 14:12 (UTC)
Wow! Lots happens when I don't manage to even read LJ for 5 days.

Hope your Mum is recovering well from the op & the shingles and that the fuzzies (and their insides) are all behaving themselves now!
14th Aug, 2011 22:56 (UTC)
Thanks. At the moment she still has very low blood pressure and we are not sure why, which is a bit worrying. Fingers crossed a bit longer I think.
13th Aug, 2011 19:16 (UTC)
Oh crap that sounds awful. I hope you can get some sort of care package from social services when your mum comes out of hospital (to stop her doing too much) so you only have to sort the dogs
14th Aug, 2011 22:57 (UTC)
So far it's looking quite positive in terms of the support available, thankfully. I'm just hoping the hospital can work out why she has low blood pressure and is still so woozy :-/
15th Aug, 2011 15:34 (UTC)
Oh, chaos!

Your poor Mum. Shingles at any age is dreadful, but to catch it when you're older is hideous. J's mum got it a few years back, and I don't think she's ever got over it. But she won't EAT, which I don't think helped her improve.

At least the dogs got sorted - that'll take a load of her mind...
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