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My mother called me last night to say she was feeling really ill and faint, presumably related to the shingles she is suffering right now on her right leg - but I was out. She left a message, sounding awful.

She then went out at about 10pm, despite the bad leg, faintness etc, to take her dogs out, and fell over. A concerned neighbour called an ambulance and then phoned me. I went over and got a bag of clothes, her purse, and of course her number 1 priority - THE DOGS. Then we all went to hospital in Plymouth, where I arrived (dogs waited in car!) just in time to meet her coming out of X ray and discovering she has a broken hip. She seemed to be in a lot of pain : I'm not sure if that was the hip or the shingles or both. Really hoping that she will be all right, she was waiting to be seen by an orthopedic doctor when I left.

Got back here about 2am, to find philmophlegm had found her voicemail message on the phone, arg.

Mum's OC whippet Flash woke me up at 7am to announce he had done a poo on the landing. The cats felt they should join in, so they were hugely sick all over the tins of cat food. And my work laptop decided to die literally 3 minutes before I got the call from the neighbour.

Oh yes, and Duke my huge foster dog from last year is coming to stay for a couple of weeks this evening - so it's really too late to ask if she can find someone else to take him. And philmophlegm is in Switzerland all next week!

I'm going to see if i can get away with going back to bed for an hour, since all beasts are now fed and watered. 
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