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Today I had the first apple off the early apple tree.  Oddly, the top of the tree has not really set fruit but the bottom of the tree is weighed down with it. It's a good week or more before they are usually ripe, too.

I have also managed to find some more sheltered rowan trees that managed to set fruit this year - was it a particularly windy spring, I wonder?  The ones in exposed positions seem to have very little fruit.  But the little crab apple trees are covered: I have filled my bag with crabapples and not made a dent!  Jelly here we come!
This photo, apart from demonstrating what a splendid number of crab apples I have got, also shows that sometimes autofocus is more hassle than it's worth.  I wanted to take a photo showing the rich colours of the apples against the dark surface, but the autofocus on the lens that happened to be on my camera threw a wobbly, and would not focus because it thought there was not enough light, even though I could see clearly that the image was fine.

 I swapped the lens to a manual focus one, which instead of worrying that it was too dark, simply focussed where I told it to, and got a much better clearer image.  Of course this works best for still life where the item is not likely to move about.   The apples in the foreground are not quite crisp though, I could maybe have used a slightly deeper depth of field. Hey ho.

Here is a bonus photo of a longleggedy pony foal, for no particular reason other than that I liked it.:
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