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Kindling Dragons

I am resisting the impulse to Kindle George RR Martin's Dance with Dragons at present, but if people continue this frenzied level of excitement over it then I may be forced to do so.

I note that Amazon UK seems to be taking its time sending out the print copies, and wonder if this is a marketing initiative for Kindle...

If I do Kindle it, then it will be the third book that I've found that I actually want to read that is available on Kindle, since I was given the thing several months ago.  I am still hoping that I will warm to it more, but at the moment, an awful lot of the things that cause me to go BOOK!!!! WANT WANT WANT! like a sort of pathetic book-Gollum, simply aren't available in that medium.  

Also, I find I kind of like being able to flip through actual pages. But perhaps my Kindle flipping skills will improve with use.
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