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Leaky Plumbing

 We have had a bizarre leak in our house,  which sent water trickling down both sides of the kitchen window & through the wall.  It started last night, and we could not work out where it was coming from. First we thought it was rainwater coming in through the roof, then we thought it might be the loo, then the radiator, then the loo again: plumber was just about to start taking the floor up & knocking holes in the wall - when he finally worked out that it was being caused by a knackered old washer on the tap in the basin which had been standing innocently to one side pretending not to be involved.

"I feel like Columbo sometimes in this job' he told me, with enormous satisfaction.

Why do plumbers always SHOW you the knackered washer? Is one supposed to go round checking them every week or something?  What are you supposed to say?  (I always nod sagely but I have no idea if there is an expected response...)


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11th Jul, 2011 15:15 (UTC)
That sounds like good news - I'm assuming that the cost of (plumber's labour + new washer) < (new wall).
11th Jul, 2011 15:22 (UTC)
I am assuming that too, though the plumber was from Chamings so I'm not sure how much we will pay until the invoice arrives. He arrived with amazing speed and stayed for a couple hours though, so I'm guessing some sort of emergency charge may apply.
12th Jul, 2011 16:47 (UTC)
Am very disappointed to find that the plumber was from Chamings, and not, as I initially read it, from Charmings. I was imagining a company that specialised in incredibly charming workmen of every description, who - amongst their other many manifestations of charmingness - present knackered washers on a silk cushion, with an incredibly winning smile.
11th Jul, 2011 16:53 (UTC)
I guess that's what's called job satisfaction!
12th Jul, 2011 08:14 (UTC)
He was a happy, happy plumber!
11th Jul, 2011 23:19 (UTC)
also, why does the problem never get discovered until the plumber has arrived? I really want to know this. It is the same with cars, and computers, and outdoor charcoal grills, and sticky locks, and everything else that I cannot figure out on my own.

Someone else looks at it, says something like "you just need to juggle this knob" and I want to push them through a window because I DID THAT only when I did it nothing happened.

12th Jul, 2011 08:14 (UTC)
It's all about knowing just how to jiggle it *nods sagely*


*it's amazing how much you can get away with, just by nodding and looking wise.
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