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Dog goes home & Digital Peninsula.

Today was a busy day! 
First I went to a 'Design Jam' in Princetown. No, it did not contain whortleberries.  It contained mostly programmers and designers from tiny isolated website companies across the SouthWest like mine.  Apparently we have somehow all resolved to come together to Do Stuff as a Community.  Exactly what the Stuff is was part of the problem to be resolved.   I think this is a jolly good idea if it actually works: perhaps a way for small companies to bid for larger jobs as a group, or at least to work together on an ad hoc basis and improve the quality of work in the region generally.

The idea was to try to get a bunch of people together to make a website. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there for the whole day due to dog-related commitments, so I was only there for the 'what are we making a website FOR anyway? part of things.  It all seems a bit vague, though quite pleasant, at the moment.    I left, somewhat daunted by the number of competent and efficient people there. Always a risk, meeting the competition.

The name 'digpen' (short for Digital Peninsula') always reminds me of Pig-Pen out of Peanuts

Which is kind of how the presence of competent and organised people makes me feel. Sort of random, wildhaired and lunatic.

Then, after a frantic couple of hours catching up on email, printing paperwork and trying to find a vaccination certificate that was HIDING,  I took Kya to Saltram house in Plymouth, there to meet with her new owners, who had driven down all the way from Rugby to collect her. 
I was sad to say goodbye to her, but she hopped into their car with great enthusiasm (Kya loves cars!)   I took her there because my house is kind of hard to find, and also there isn't a good open space where you can easily see a dog offlead and interacting with other people and dogs, which I think is quite important.  However, I had forgotten that the need to get there would cut into my time for rushing about getting organised!  May need to rethink this idea.

I had some sad news. Since Kya was going home today, I offered yesterday to take in a collie called Bob, who had been home alone at his home in Cardiff for a couple of months after the death of his owner.  Much to our distress, when the duty rehoming person called this morning to arrange this, we were told that he was put to sleep yesterday, as they'd given up hope of finding a home for him.  What a bummer.  Should have got Kya out the door that little bit quicker. Can't save them all, but the timing on that one was so tight, a day would have made the difference.


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7th Jul, 2011 23:15 (UTC)
That's a shame about Bob :-(

I generally feel like Pig-Pen when I'm at work too, I cannot stay looking neat and tidy and I seem to attract dirt like a magnet which is why I never wear white shirts. Black work attire is my friend, even if it does show up the white cat hair. It's also a bad idea to eat yoghurt when wearing black, particularly if it involves opening one of those small pots that squirt at you, no matter how carefully you open them. It leaves exceedingly dodgy looking stains... :-p
8th Jul, 2011 14:32 (UTC)
I too have done the dodgy yoghurt stain on black thing! Sitting on chocolate is another fine guaranteed-dodgy stain...
8th Jul, 2011 08:02 (UTC)
It's sad about Bob, but sometimes time & things just conspire against you. You have to think about all the dogs you have managed to help. I hope all goes well with Kya and her new home!

8th Jul, 2011 14:34 (UTC)
I had a nice email about Bob Lurcher who I fostered earlier this year, he sounds as though he is having a wonderful life. He keeps stealing cake, apparently :-D
8th Jul, 2011 14:55 (UTC)
Ah. I suspect cake is often located at a convenient height for the lurcher nose...
8th Jul, 2011 15:05 (UTC)
I'm just glad mine are old and can't be bothered now. There was a period when everything below the 6 foot mark was at a convenient height for the greyhoundy nose!
8th Jul, 2011 14:03 (UTC)
Oh that's so sad about Bob. It must be desperately hard to make those sorts of decisions. I'm so glad Kya is sorted though.
8th Jul, 2011 14:31 (UTC)
It's really sad when the timing is that close :-(
8th Jul, 2011 14:08 (UTC)
My sister has just posted to facebook that she organised the first Dartmoor web Design Jam and Hack Day yesterday.

She lives in Princeton.

I'm getting a very "small world" feeling about this.
8th Jul, 2011 14:27 (UTC)
Devon and Cornwall IS a small world!

Your sister looks & sounds eeriely like you. You probably already knew that and yet, somehow I could not not-say it... :-D
10th Jul, 2011 09:00 (UTC)
I think it's the school we went to, to be honest, which I'm told had a very distinctive speech pattern among the pupils!

We're going to be holidaying with my sister the week after next. I'm not quite sure what the schedule is going to be (apart from packed) but it would be great if we could squeeze in tea at Yelverton at some point.
10th Jul, 2011 15:46 (UTC)
Sophie mentioned you were expected. Do give us a shout if you find you have time and fancy meeting up. philmophlegm is in London a lot at the moment, but usually around at least some of the week.
22nd Sep, 2011 16:19 (UTC)
I've finally caught up with your blog and now want to adopt Pig-Pen as the DigPen mascot. He seems to nicely represent our level of collective organisation right now.

Next 'proper' digpen should be November in Plymouth btw. No dates yet (see previous comment...). I'll try to remember to email you when the details are out, and remind the organiser of the need for dog-friendly premises when organising SW Web events ;)
23rd Sep, 2011 13:33 (UTC)
LOL at Pigpen the mascot. I'll try and make the Plymouth meet!
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