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Unlovely but interesting?

Ten years ago, there were quite a few of these old garages scattered across East Cornwall and West Devon, looking as though they'd fallen into a timewarp in about 1970 and fallen out again in 2000, rather battered and tired, but essentially still working. I wish I'd photographed them then. Most of them have now been tidied away into history by soaring petrol prices and the rising demand for land, but this one, Down's Garage in Mary Tavy is still (for now) standing, if not exactly thriving.

I think it looks interesting, if not beautiful. When I saw this ancient and rather grimy tractor puffing up to it, I screeched my car to a halt and took a photo. I didn't have time to fiddle with settings so the lighting could be better, but still. Bigger versions if you click...



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27th Jun, 2011 07:38 (UTC)
It is a really interesting building, and that tractor picture is smashing. If it was mine I wouldn't be even slightly tempted to put it into Photoshop for tweaking!
28th Jun, 2011 13:34 (UTC)
I have to admit, that is a slightly tweaked version, I did a histogram adjustment to just bring the light levels up a tad.

I think if Mr Beardy Tractordriver had phoned me in advance to say he and his grimy tractor were going to be passing just this spot at just this time, I'd have tried for a bit less depth of field so that the tractor would jump out a bit more too.

But for an OMG where is the camera??? moment I'm pleased with it!
27th Jun, 2011 10:37 (UTC)
If it wasn't for the fluorescent jacket the tractor driver was wearing, I'd swear you must have stepped briefly into some sort of time-loop...

Fantastic photos of something that is fast ceasing to exist.
28th Jun, 2011 13:36 (UTC)
It's just struck me that the tractor has no number plate so is probably on the road illegally! So is probably another thing out of time.
27th Jun, 2011 21:53 (UTC)
It's a shame all those small garages have gone. Having someone fill up your car for you and then just add the amount to your monthly account without the need to even get out of your seat was such a civilised way to buy fuel!
28th Jun, 2011 13:37 (UTC)
Yes. Though goodness knows what a month's petrol bill would look like now, it's bad enough paying by the tank!
5th Jul, 2011 18:13 (UTC)
Perhaps that asbestos roof will be its salvation.

It's the sort of building that once upon a time, would've been sneered at and called an eyesore, but they've probably become so few and far between now that their character's becoming more evident.

We've had similar sheds at the munitions factory, probably of similar vintage, but without the cute little porch...
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