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I think I shall make jam.  If I don't just eat them. 
Sadly, it seems to be a terrible year for rowans: I know it's too early for them to be ripe, but none of the blossoms on the trees where I normally pick rowan berries seem to have set this year. Perhaps it was the dry spring?


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24th Jun, 2011 23:00 (UTC)
those look DIVINE. in fact, not only do they look divine but they also look like a variant on huckleberries. Mmmmmm. I could use some huckleberries right about now.

I say skip the jam and roll them up in a crepe.
25th Jun, 2011 21:04 (UTC)
I have to admit, I never knew the huckleberry was actually ... you know a berry. Which sounds utterly daft now I write it down :-D, but I've only ever come across the word in the context of Huckleberry Finn.

Google thinks it's a close relation of the whortleberry.

I did make jam, but not before I'd eaten quite a lot of berries! YUM.
26th Jun, 2011 04:58 (UTC)
actually, this is really sad and I shouldn't be admitting it in public but here goes: until you mentioned the "close" relationship between huckleberries (the berry) and Huckleberry Finn (the book) I had never actually consciously noticed his first name before. Like, AT ALL.

I have shamed my country of origin.

Also, they are delicious in pancakes. If you Brits eat that sort of thing. I have been told you eat lots of kidneys and things :D
26th Jun, 2011 21:16 (UTC)
:-D your dark secret uncovered.

I certainly eat pancakes though I haven't put whortleberries inside one previously, I intend to remedy this situation TOMORROW.

I don't think I know anyone who eats kidneys. Ew! I'll eat liver, but draw the line at recognisable organs!
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