bunn (bunn) wrote,

The garden in June

I've not been as enthusiastic as I could have been about the garden this year, and today rather than go out there and make up for my previous failings, I went to Tavistock with philmophlegm  & my mother, and had a very leisurely and pleasant lunch.  So everything is as jungly as it was... 

But I have taken photos! 
Ever wonder what kiwi fruit flowers look like?  Well, close relative of the kiwi, anyway... It's Issai! 

Greyhoundy princesses prefer to sunbathe on towels.  Humble lurcher lads just sit on the grass. 

What are these lurking inside my Cherry, Summer Sun? CHERRIES! 

I had let the lawn get a bit out of hand. Mowed it yesterday, but this is the view from inside it before I did that [click for the big version if you want to see the detail on the buttercup!]:

The apples are coming along nicely

Hmm, but looking down, there is a great deal to be done... 

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