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A visit to England

This weekend was the Oldies Club committee meeting, requiring what I can't help thinking of as a visit to England. Well, really it does seem quite different over there. The roads! The shops! The traffic! The people! The flatness!

The meeting was in Bicester, that being roughly in the middle,  so central for people from all over - but still far too far for me to go in one day. Thus I had an excellent excuse to drop in on skordh & jane_somebody and admire the many new skills of baby El.

Inevitably, the meeting overran and it took me ages to get home, so Polo had to look after the end of my ebay auction for my old Olympus C765 camera.  He got 150!  Pretty good for a camera that was 2 years old and cost £230 when I bought it! b(admittedly, I threw in some batteries and things).

I was glad to get home though.  As if determined to make it clear I had left England and its thousand thousand light industrial units,   the various people who sell things from their driveways in the village had put out cheery springlike things to buy, so I bought a bunch of daffodils and some goose eggs on Monday morning and put the money in their respective jamjars.

The Subaru dealer in Plymouth has folded, so today I took the impreza to the Ford garage in Tavvi instead.  What a difference!  They knew who I was, they had all the parts ordered from an allied Subaru dealer elsewhere, they did the job in about 5 hours, the car worked perfectly afterwards, and they gave me a really quite nice courtesy car which had plenty of room for Mollydog!  And they were cheap. No wonder the Subaru dealer folded: everyone was buying Fords.

Polo is away in Aberdeen this week, so poor Mollydog is pining.  She does love him so.  I was touched to find that while I was away, rather than just taking her for a quick trot down the road he got the map out and drove out to an exciting new place to give her a good long walk.  Awww.

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