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Footie's eyes and lurcher problems

I think Footie cat's eyesight is going.  Yesterday he was sitting next to me when Yama Bungle came and sat on my lap. Footie hissed at Yama feeling he was too close. So, I pushed Yama over to the other side and reached out to stroke Footie to reassure him.  And he bopped me something fierce!  I now have a nasty scratch.  I think he couldnt' see that the moving thing coming towards him was my hand, he thought it was a Bungle.

Sadly,  Rusty lurcher who I mentioned was coming to me as a foster dog started showing some fairly serious signs of aggression towards people when he arrived at kennels.   We are getting a behaviourist in to assess him but at the moment he can't go into a home.  Really hope that the problem can be resolved, but it's not looking good.

They are sending me a 14 year old beardie X lurcher bitch instead!
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