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Lurcher ahoy... again.

This large hairy dog's owner had a very serious accident and was rushed into hospital.  Nobody was able to care for the dog, so the local dog warden took him into the local pound kennels, where the  council confirmed they would not pay for his kennelling fees (nor could/would the owner)  and asked the pound to have him put to sleep.  

The pound wanted to give him a chance so they called round.  Everywhere is full to the brim including overflow spaces with lurchers right now,  even worse than usual. So I said I would take him. 

We think he is some sort of  a wolfhound cross, and about 7-ish.   At the moment he is in Milton Keynes (in Oldies Club's emergency kennels) while he gets his vaccinations up to date, then he will come here until he finds a home. 

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