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"They make a desert and call it peace" (Apparently Romans have got into my gardening thoughts now?)

I just admired the new, splendidly regular, very neat, gravelled area, studded with terribly neat shrubs, that my neighbours have made in their ongoing work to make their garden as neat as a garden in a book about gardening from the 1950's.  That quote kept floating through my head. 

I have retreated to my dandelion-studded, bee-buzzing, honeyscented chaos of a garden and can't help feeling that I like it so much more! 

Whether I shall feel the same when all the spring flowers are over and it just becomes a straggly green mess full of unripe apples, is another matter...

Lonicera Nitida, the false box, is a fabulous groundcover plant.  It may not look like much, but it is absolutely covered in tiny pale-green flowers with a huge scent, and buzzing with bees.  The other particularly well scented plants at the moment are the Aquilegias,  though they seem to release their best scent in the evenings. 
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