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The extra Sweetie Purple seeds I planted have now germinated. Spring seems to be here at last and all the primroses have come out. Alas, all the frogspawn got frozen - both the first and second batches. Dunno yet if they will have a third go.

The spring has brought a lot of rain with it,with the result that Mollydog's dodgy wrist is playing up and the rabbits are very annoyed, even thought I bought them extra spring greens.


If you are a fishmonger in Liskeard, and you want to encourage people to shop locally so much that you have a poster in your shop window that is rude about supermarkets, it is business-suicidally stupid that, when would-be customers turn up at 5 to 1pm on a Saturday, that you are be closed and have clearly been so for some time, even though your sign on the door says you close at 1pm.

When do you THINK people buy fish? Clue: people who work full time do not take time off just to buy fish. That is not going to happen. If you want to sell fish, it would make a lot of sense for your shop to be open at times other than 10-4, Monday to Friday. Otherwise customers, like these ones, will go to the supermarket because it is OPEN.

I'm particularly annoyed about this as last week we took half a day off to go to a public service event in Tavvi which was a brainstorming event about Tamar businesses and buying locally. I like the idea of buying locally: it makes sense to me. It's just that many local providers (of all sorts of things, not just fish) really make it tough. I am waiting now for the business cards that we ordered 3 weeks back. Wondering whether to just cut the crap and order from Vistaprint. It's not at all local, but it does at least get you a quality product in a reasonable timescale.
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