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To Calstock with a zoom lens!

I find I have a problem with my multi-lens camera - now I have several lenses to choose from, which to choose? And you always seem to have the wrong one in any given situation. I took my zoom lens on a dog walk, but didn't see many things to zoom on. Well, there was a pigeon, though as is customary when I try to take photos of birds, it immediately turned round so that its face was in the shade.

Calstock is a pretty place, and pleasantly quiet, as the river means it's not on the way to anywhere (well, apart from the river). I like a village with a viaduct, particularly when it also has a Roman fort - though we didn't go to see the Roman fort this time.

I understand there's nothing much of the fort to see above ground level, though probably at some point I really should wander over there and see if there is an Interesting Sign or something about the Roman silverworks.  The Romans mined silver in Calstock, then later, people mined for copper, arsenic and tin.  Now the only thing left to mine is gravel.  The gravel quarry up the road from us still works, though one wonders what happens when they run out of that. 


A Cornish flag looking all commemorative and faintly melancholy.   You can't tell from the photo, but the wake on this buoy is actually going the wrong way, upstream - the tide coming in is that strong, even 8 miles inland. 

Resentful and suspicious-looking pigeon refusing to pose correctly. 
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