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Cherryblossoms : State of the Garden in April

My cherry tree 'Summer Sun' is now in full bloom and looking (and smelling) amazing.  

The new Tamar cherry 'Birchenhayes' with 'Summer Sun' in the background - the little thin trunk is Birchenhayes. I think Summer Sun was smaller than that when I planted her. I'm pleased they have come into bloom at the same time, as Birchenhayes needs a pollinator, and they will look great side by side once the younger tree is a bit bigger.  Fingers crossed for some decent fruit this year. 

The Morwellham pear is flowering her socks off (on the left below: the fuzzy blossom in the background is Summer Sun again, with the Tamar Valley and Dartmoor in the distance. I hope there is another pear tree around somewhere as a pollinator, as I only have this one. According to the label this was supposed to have pink blossom! I prefer white, but I just hope I have a scion of the right tree...

The apple trees are very nearly in bloom, but not quite - their pink buds are just unfurling.  I think one more day might do it. 
The wood anemone colony that I planted a few years ago near the compost bins is really well established now, you'd almost think it was wild. And here's a male fern looking all curly and shaggy as it uncoils.

The peas are just showing their heads in the raised bed at the back on the right - on the left in that bed is mostly onions.  One advantage of the endlessly-growing dratted hazel hedges: I always have an ample supply of peasticks.   I've just sown some more peas in the nearer bed. That's a line of strawberries in the foreground, then there is a line of borage either side, and some beetroot. 

And finally, Mollydog is moulting, so today I took her out in the garden and gave her a good brush.  This is what came out!  You wouldnt' think she had that much hair to shed.  Those are bluebells in the background, by the way. 

I have done a bit of weeding and tidying today, but mostly it seemed like the sort of day where you lie on the lawn admiring the blueness of the sky, so I did that.   
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