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State of the garden in March : not a debrambling update!

 My mother and sister bravely volunteered to come over and attack the garden with me, so at long last I had a chance to have a go at that awkward area where the raspberry canes had spread all over the place, closely followed by the nettles.  It looked like this:

And afterwards it looked like this: 

I need to decide what to do with the space now. I'm thinking maybe pumpkins. 

This is what it looks like under the big cherry tree (left) and here are the ends of the raised beds (now filled with fresh compost, much to the excitement of the garden robin).  The further raised bed is planted up with peas, onions and beetroot (and enmeshed with hazel twigs to keep the cats out).  And I mowed the lawns too! 

While I'm at it I should note that I met up with Duke and his new owner yesterday.  He's looking good and his new owner seems to have got past the problems that she was having with him.  We had a long walk along Whitchurch Bay beach, with all the hounds offlead.  
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