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My seeds, onion sets and rosemary bush have arrived!

Before it got dark this evening, I got a row of peas and a row of beetroot planted in the northernmost raised bed, and made a sort of cage of twigs to protect them from cats. And I also planted half a row of lettuce and half a row of basil in the greenhouse.  

The rosemary is sitting in its pot by the fig tree at the moment, waiting for me to dig a hole for it.   I've put in some purple sage where the old rosemary bush was, and will pop the rosemary in at the spot near where a very very old sage bush is currently limping along on its last legs.

I don't think any of my fennels or thymes have made it through the winter, alas.  But the wild garlic is going like nobody's business.  I recommend wild garlic leaves with pasta: it's delicious!

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