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Dartmoor too hot

 Weather has been so fabulous this week that I took a couple of hours off and headed to Rix Hill on the edge of Dartmoor for a walk. 

We found a car in the woods.  It had been there some time. 

I heard two woodpeckers while we were walking through this wood, but didn't manage to see any birds, let alone photograph them!

I liked the way these trees leaned over to make a sort of corridor
The ponies were out and about looking very shaggy and gormless.  I wondered if this one was part guineapig, it certainly didn't look 100% horse.   Mossyfaced object. 

I finally found a bird and managed to photograph it very nearly in focus! It seemed unimpressed with me, and left. Is it a raven or a crow?

Az found something horrible and decided he would smell better wearing it.
It was so hot that even though I walked them down to the stream, Mollydog really wanted a drink by the time we got back to the car.   Her banana-nose makes me laugh in this pic. 

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