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Birthday at the seaside (with lenses)

My birthday on Monday was not the best day for photography as it was rather grey and drab.  But we had lunch at Louie's cafe on Kit Hill, then went down to Whitsand Bay with my new zoom lens anyway.   I wanted to experiment with putting the focus in different places by twiddling with the aperture settings.  

One feature I like on my camera is the Manual focus assist button  - this automatically gives you a 5 second very-zoomed-in view of what you are focussing on so you can finetune the focus. 

It's not as easy with moving things, but fortunately there are lots of regularly moving things by the beach. Eventually I managed to catch one more or less in focus (by focusing on the rock and waiting). 

The stairs up from the beach are awfully steep.  I was a bit worried Mollydog might not make it back up, as she had rather overdone it on the beach (no photos of that as I hadn't got my head around the lens enough at that point to take photos of greyhounds looning madly) 
At the top of the ladder we decided to flomp for a bit so Molls could get her breath back.  I took a portrait which I was rather pleased with, while she had a rest with her head on my leg:

And a view of the cove:

And another showing that you can overdo the whole shallow depth of field thing.  I had intended to have the celandine in the foreground and be able to just see the sea and the rocks, but in fact the background is so blurred that it looks like a blurry giant crocodile/fish is chasing a bee.

Molls soon bounced up and started poking her long nose into things again. 

We parked next to a field of daffodils.  I think these are too open to be harvested, so probably represent some sort of floribundant lack-of-manpower tragedy for the farmer - but they are still very pretty. 

In the evening we went out for dinner at Barclay House in Looe, which was lovely but very quiet.  I get the impression people aren't supposed to go out to dinner on Mondays: the first restaurant we tried was closed that day (and the staff were having an evening out at the second one!)
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