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Gardening in March

I've whirled round the garden today and have done lots of jobs!
  • cleared the three hanging baskets and planted up with orange primulas
  • cleared out the greenhouse (well, *mostly* cleared) 
  • cleared the weeds in the raised beds
  • filled two tub trugs with assorted weeds and put one on the big compost heap (now full!) 
  • dressed the greenhouse bed with blood, fish and bone and a load of worm castings and watered in
  • dressed two of the raised beds with blood fish and bone and filled one of them with new compost from one of the two big heaps (the rotted down one which is now getting pretty small). 
  • Weeded around all the new fruit trees and one of the big apples, and fed them with blood fish and bone as well. 

Plus, I made some scones!  And I ordered more Blood fish and bone....
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