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Bob goes home, and is appreciated

 Bob went off to his new home in Hampshire on Saturday.  He was just a little reluctant to leave, but as his new owner took him straight to a pub for pub lunch, then he snoozed on his brand new bed in the car all the way home, I think he wasn't too distressed!   I spoke to his new owner the next morning and he already sounded like he was settling in, and yesterday evening I got this: 

"Bob is just adorable. He's settling in very well, and has touched noses with Lizzie the Cat (the photo missed the moment!). We've been for walks by the river and round fields and met several dogs - all very friendly. He's been visited by a 4 year old 'princess' (she likes dressing up) and by my 5 year old godson and he was very gentle and they loved him to bits. I haven't tried him with the bantams yet, but this morning while visiting Millie the Goat he met two wood pigeons and was a bit in awe of them!! The other picture is with Millie (and the Shetland's Mum). As you said, everyone loves Bob! Last night he spent the night reclining on the sofa, which is OK.

Everyone has said what good condition he's in, and that's all down to you. You've done a wonderful job, because he must have been quite a poor old boy when you got him.

Thank you very much for all your help in adopting him - I'm very lucky to have him."

Below: Bob meets Millie the goat, and Lizzie the cat. 
Bob meets Millie the Goat  Bob meet Lizzie the cat

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