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Philmophlegm bought me some lenses for my birthday, and because they were not a surprise, I got to try them out a bit early.   They are all old manual lenses which probably came off old film SLRs, and I am using them with an adaptor on my NEX 3.  I had no idea how well this would work - I'm experimenting!  But old film lenses are not expensive, so I have got three Pentax fit lenses to play with:

a  Pentax 50mm  1:1.7 
a Pentax 28mm 1:2.8 (came with a case which had a receipt from 1988 in it!) 
a Tokina 70-210mm, 1.4-5.6 zoom lens

All of these were taken with the 50mm, which I am liking a LOT.  Tomorrow I shall play with the zoom lens I think - it's a bit big and heavy for the teeny  NEX body really, but not unmanageably so.   Manual focussing is teaching me a lot about focus and aperture.
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