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I remember when it was... actually almost exactly like that, but with older cars.

Thinking over 'where I lived at various censuses' and the inaccuracy of finding the dogsitter, I googled the first house I remember living in.

Here it is in Google Streetview.
(copyright Google's I just thought it made more sense to be able to see photo with text, and LJ doesn't like Iframes)
That dark red tree on the corner, my dad planted (in fact, he planted three large trees in that front garden, including a horse chestnut right next to next door's drive, which in retrospect was not the most neighbourly of choices: the other two have been removed, you can see the stumps).  Those twirly iron gates he put in have aged well and that splotchy concrete drive with the interesting lichens on it is still there too, I see.  They've patched up the loose brick on the rather pointless front wall, but the wall itself is just the same.  In 30 years nobody has decided to remove that rather straggly shrub at the front there, was it a fuchsia or a spirea?

The inhabitants even have a VW Beetle - when we lived there, that same spot was home to an elderly buttercup-yellow VW Karmann Ghia, (as in my icon) which is probably one spiritual parent of that Beetle. 

Walking virtually round the block, there is the odd tree grown or missing, a leylandii hedge removed, a new shrub added, but on the whole, it's exactly the same as it was, 30, 35 years ago.  How strange.   .
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